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sorry about this mes amis, but i have a heck tonne of coursework to do and exam season is really really really soon in my country. to quote the wise zac efron, i need to get my head in the game and actually get the grades needed for my university of choice!

i estimate i will be back around… july. if you choose to unfollow me, no hard feelings papi.


Fay started talking to Leona .. so yeah i thought you should know lugvc\ukyvlwbeyvcl hjbwlvgfwkchbdxsjk


"Built during the height of the Queen Anne Style’s popularity by a nouveau-riche gentleman for his lovely, if not spoiled, young wife during the early years of their marriage. Unfortunately, after losing everything including the house during the Depression, Chrysalis Manor was abandoned and fell into disrepair as the years passed and it remained unoccupied, even as it was purchased and sold repeatedly, often times being gutted of anything of any value before being abandoned and sold once more. Luckily, those days are behind this glorious house after being purchased and renovated recently."


  • Fully Landscaped | Minimal furnishing (bathroom amenities)
  • Lot size: 64x64
  • Br/Ba: 3 Bedrooms (space for more) | 3 Bathrooms (space for more)

  • Other Rooms: Large Foyer | Kitchen | Dining | Living | Upstairs Den | Office | Conservatory/ Indoor Garden | Artist Studio | Library w/ Indoor Balcony | Secret Magic Tower | Basement that includes: (Space for a) Sauna, Wine Cellar | Room for Butler’s Quarters
  • Outdoor Features: Large Pool | Hottub | 2 Covered Porches | 2 Upperfloor Decks | Large Barn  w/ Loft | Play Area/Possible Garden Area | (Space for) Treehouse, Sandbox, Outdoor Games


  •  EP’s: Pets, Supernatural, Island Paradise. 
  •  Other: Custom Content (included in the download the CC folder) & Midnight Hollow (this one is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY if you want the house to look right)
  •  Patch 1.42 or higher.


  • Please make sure to install the CC BEFORE installing the lot.
  • Have fun and decorate to your heart’s content, but DO NOT re-upload this anywhere, especially pay sites, or claim it as your own. I will find you and I have ninjas - you do the math.

  • NOTICE: This is my first ever “complex” house, so there are probably some odd things that a more experienced builder would have fixed/caught here and there. One that I know of are some white tiles that show up in weird places near the roof that I can’t get rid of. If you know how to do so, I’d love to learn so I can fix this house and prevent it from happening in future builds.

DOWNLOAD (mediafire)

love love love love love this house!

I said I’d release a gift once I hit 60 followers and I always try to keep my word. So say hello to Lillian Westbrook! She a bit more “full bodied” than most of the Sims I’ve seen around which I think sets her apart in a good way. Most of her CC has been included for her everyday outfit except her eyebrows (which I couldn’t find), her lipstick (one of IN3S’s beauties), and her nails (no clue where they came from. =/ ) All her other outfits are either Base Game or Late Night items. Also included in the zip along with her .sim file and her CC is a folder full of the sliders used on her. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD - mediafire


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kelley: heket, your birthday present is coming to the house soooooooon! it’s a surprise, so don’t look at the stuff behind the sofas. cause it’s a surprise.

heket: oh kelley. i’ll try not to, but i am a fair bit taller than you.


heket: i’m kidding, i’m kidding, hun. i’m very excited for my birthday present and i have no idea what it could possibly be. ♥

kelley: oh excellent! her birthday present is arriving in an hour, that means i’ve got to set the scene and take the relevant accessories out of the spare room…

thankfully, heket’s hairline did not recede for long. i decided that she’d have her hair down for adulthood, just on a whim. still as gorgeous as always though (‘∀’●)♥